The Fox Petroli Group was born from the inspiration of Commendatore Alberto Berloni

Thanks to his entrepreneurial skills he expanded the family business that since the 30s ran a small fuel depot.
Always attentive to new market needs and innovations, in the 60s he further developed the Company by building a tank farm in Pesaro with a capacity of 130000 mc connected to the sea by pipeline.
Subsequently, with the purchase of three tankers, he also dedicated himself to maritime transport of oil products.
In the ’80s, among the first in Italy, Fox diversified into the use of renewable sources acquiring a vegetable oil refining plant in Vasto (CH) and transforming it into a Biodiesel production plant.
Through various corporate transformations and investments in research and development, the Fox Group has today acquired an important position in the oil products and biofuels sector, a position recognized by the major players in the energy field.